Welcome in the SCHUNK Team!

Since 2012, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems
and I, a SCHUNK brand ambassador, are writing a common history, characterized by
numerous highlights. We share the passion of a champion and a pioneer, the
common fascination for precise gripping and concentrated safe holding, and also
remaining in the international No. 1 position everyone is a pro in his field.
However, there are many more remarkable parallels between the companys history
of SCHUNK, and my own career. Lived values - such as reliability, precision, social
commitment and top performance in the team. On this home page you can experience
again, how perfectly we have harmonized on our leading industry shows, during the
technology-goalkeeper talk, during the common watching of the soccer games, and
many other successful, common performances.

Jens Lehmann hopes you are enjoying it

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